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Anthony Culver

Marketing Manager

Fraser International College

Anthony Culver, Marketing Manager at Fraser International College relies upon his personal and professional experiences to support students from South Asia, the Middle East, and Turkey in their pursuit of higher education. Having studied in Makerere University, Uganda while completing a Bachelor's in Political Science from Simon Fraser University, he is familiar with the rewards and difficulties of studying abroad. Anthony has held multiple positions coordinating youth leadership programs, consulting for NGOs, and advising new students in British Columbia, Canada. Anthony is passionate about enabling others to shine by providing them the platform, the information, and the encouragement to achieve their goals.

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Thoughts on Co-operative Education and How to Approach it

Posted on 07 Apr 2020 by Anthony Culver

Co-operative education programs (Co-op for short) are opportunities offered by most universities and can be similar to an internship. These Co-op placements are usually paid and an excellent chance for students to gain professional experience, earn a paycheck and start to network. But there is more to Co-op than merely making money and boosting your career opportunities after completing your ... Read More