Bridget Herrera

Bridget Herrera

High School/College Counselor, and Past President of International ACAC, Bangladesh

American International School of Dhaka

Bridget Herrera is in her second year as College/High School Counselor at the American International School of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Prior to this, she worked for over twenty-five years as a college counselor in Latin America. Bridget's volunteer experience includes President of International ACAC (2010); Chair of NACAC's Inclusion and Access Committee (2007-2009); TOEFL Board Member (2014-2016); member of the Common Application's Advisory Outreach Group (2010-2013); and Counselor Liaison for the CIS Latin America Committee (2000-2009). She currently serves on the International ACAC Governance and Nominating Committee and is working to create a vibrant college counseling network in Dhaka.

Posts by Bridget Herrera

Season’s Greetings from IC3!

Posted on 06 Jan 2020 by Bridget Herrera

“This can be a very lonely job.” A statement often associated with the life of a counselor or a university representative. Even though you may be surrounded by students or traveling extensively to meet students, it typically ends up being a one-person role. This is when a community of counselors and representatives plays a significant role in redefining the word ... Read More

The Value of Conference Participation: A Seasoned Counselor Shares Her Thoughts

Posted on 23 Jul 2018 by Bridget Herrera

As a veteran college counselor who has worked in four international schools over the past 27 years, I can say without a doubt that the opportunity to attend a vast array of conferences has positively impacted my career. Imagine your first time as you nervously sit down in the auditorium, perhaps an opening session, and, not knowing anyone, you lean ... Read More