David Royster

David Royster

Yale-Nus College, Singapore

Senior Admissions Counselor

David is a Senior Admissions Counsellor at Yale-NUS College in Singapore. Originally from New York City, he holds a B.A. in International Affairs and Political Science from Northeastern University. At Yale-NUS, his responsibilities include serving on the admissions team and counseling students from Singapore, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. David has also been responsible for the team’s social media and marketing strategy, campus visit experience, student associate engagement and counselor fly-in programming. David has over seven years of experience in working with students in various countries such as the United States, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, and Switzerland, in various areas of higher education including Residential Living, Advising and Admissions and Financial Aid.

Posts by David Royster

A Pretend Extrovert’s Guide to Making the Most of Your First IC3 Conference

Posted on 23 Jul 2018 by David Royster

Here are five tips to make the most of your first time at the Annual IC3 Conference Conferences can be pretty nerve-wracking. Socializing with people you don’t know, representing your institution in the best light, and absorbing tons of information in a short amount of time can be a bit overwhelming for the first timer. If you find yourself to ... Read More