As a university representative, what are the benefits of participating in the IC3 Festival?

By on October 21st, 2020

IC3 Website

The IC3 Festival will bring together university representatives and high school counselors from across the globe in a celebration of career & college counseling through various thoughtfully designed opportunities for interactions and networking, as well as learning. The IC3 Festival is being held at a time when students are making decisions about their university options and application deadlines are around the corner. At this time, an opportunity to meet with high school counselors in Open Networking sessions, and through the Virtual University Exhibits in planned networking opportunities is a distinct opportunity for your institutional outreach efforts. For a nominal fee of USD $375 for one university representative, and USD $100 for each subsequent representative, universities get a virtual room at the Virtual University Exhibits on 03 December. University delegates also get unlimited access to the IC3 Live Convention on 02 December, Virtual Presidential Panel, Innovation Spotlights, and cultural performances. Click here to view the event schedule.