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2020 Media

Our education system is losing relevance. Here's how to unleash its potential

Education today is in crisis. Even before the coronavirus pandemic struck, in many parts of the world, children who should be in school aren’t; for those who are, their schools often lack the resources to provide adequate instruction. At a time when quality education is arguably more vital to one’s life chances than ever before, these children are missing out on the education needed to live fulfilling lives as adults and to participate in and contribute to the world economy.

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2019 Media

Dr. Rajika Bhandari receives the Centennial Medal by the Institute of International Education

Dr. Rajika Bhandari was awarded the Centennial Medal by the Institute of International Education (IIE) which is celebrating its centennial this year. Throughout 2019 a total of 100 medals have been given to organizations and individuals who have contributed to the field of international education through government service; academic exchange leadership; global mobility leadership; philanthropic excellence; and corporate support for the advancement of international education and relations.

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IC3 Institute launches training fro 100,000 career counselors

 IC3 Institute in the news

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Dr. Rajika Bhandari is featured by The PIE in their Recent Movers & Shakers section!

 Leadership in the news

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