#StudentExcellence: Aratrika Pal

By on March 27th, 2019

The next student we’re highlighting for our #StudentExcellence campaign comes to us from the Heritage School in Kolkata, India. We hosted an IC3 Regional Forum there on 29 January and Aratrika Pal was nominated by her principal, Seema Sapru.

Aratrika Pal was in grade 12, as she just graduated! We are excited for you to get to know her and what she’s accomplished in school, as well as what she's looking to do in the future.

Aratrika Pal

IC3: Aratrika, what are some current projects you’re working on in school?

Aratrika: I just finished high school! When I was in school, I was involved in the Pasch Project, which is an Indo-German Exchange program. Within that, we worked on projects on the Indian and German cultures and climate change. I also worked on a presentation regarding the hazards of the internet and social media.

IC3: Are you a part of any clubs in school?

Aratrika: I was a part of the Debate Club at my school. I also took part and won in dance, creative writing, recitation and swimming competitions.

IC3: What are you interested in studying once you finish high school?

Aratrika: After school, I’m really excited about pursuing Computer Science and Data Science. When I get the opportunity, I also plan to take a course in Economics and Business.

IC3: In what country are you interested in going to college?

Aratrika: I want to pursue my undergraduate education in India or Singapore. After graduation, I’m interested in going to college in the U.S. for graduate education.

IC3: What do you like to do in your free time away from school?

Aratrika: I love to read books and even re-read my favorite ones sometimes. I enjoy writing micro-fiction in my free time as well. I also go swimming and take long walks with my friends.

IC3: What topic or career industry interests you the most?

Aratrika: I’m interested in a lot of topics, but if I have to pick one, it has to be Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It fascinates me how a computer can predict outcomes or think and learn from experience without any explicit programming. In terms of technology, we are progressing exponentially and I can’t wait to learn, explore and see what I can bring to the table!

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