The Road to IC3: I Delayed the Inevitable

By on April 8th, 2019

After the high-octane sessions at the IC3 Regional Forum in Bengaluru, here I am, a couple of days later recounting all the memories before I took the road to IC3.

Back in 2014, every time I walked in to my Physics class, I looked at those eager faces, turned to solve an equation on the board and asked myself, “how many of them would want to study physics later in life?” or “am I guiding them right?” or “what if that boy doesn’t even know what he wants to do?” or “am I thrusting Physics on them?” or “what else can I do?” or “can I teach them how to choose what they want to learn?”

I had countless questions. It was 2016 – the year IC3 was instituted and the same year I realized I was delaying the inevitable. I was asked to lead the college counseling department in my school. With myriad feelings inside every day, I was far from conquering the world outside. I feared rejection; I feared failure – just like any other student waiting to write an important test of life. 

I came with no set qualifications or degrees to back me up. All I knew was that the world is changing and it was about time that we educators paved the way for better career choices. It took sleepless nights making notes, visiting every college website I knew, subscribing to newsletters, writing emails to universities and much more. My questions went exponential and the void of unawareness left me despaired at times.

Two months into 2016, I was still navigating through the yellow pages of colleges during free hours, reading career magazines during lunch and every bit of new information left me more overwhelmed than ever. One morning I received an email from the IC3 team, followed by a phone call, inviting me to the first conference. I delayed the inevitable again. I gave the conference a pass.

In a tiny room with less than 20 students, I thought that was my universe until IC3 gave me a second chance. This time I made it. Even at this point in time, I had no idea what IC3 entailed. It unfolded to be the answer for every question of mine that had left me a tad shattered earlier. Each session brought me closer to my goals. Every peer I met shared a common mission. It was the much-needed pilgrimage to hone my career counseling skills.

I had never attended a gathering of this scale in my entire lifetime. It was amazing to witness the drive, passion and motivation to make a difference in the student’s lives. The connections I made are life-long; the ideas we exchange today are insightful. I am equipped to combat redundancy. From destination IC3, I restarted my journey in college counseling.

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