Why Attend an IC3 Regional Forum?

By on February 11th, 2020

Maybe you've heard of the IC3 Regional Forums, but you feel overwhelmed by everything that's involved. Don't worry! Below, we've shared some pointers from Vatsal Chandra, a university representative from the University of Essex, and Hemaalathaa Yuvaraj, a high school delegate from Pathways School Gurgaon. After reading their tips, you'll be able to make the most out of every IC3 Regional Forum you attend!

Tips for University Representatives at the IC3 Regional Forums

Select your Targets

  • It is essential not to stretch yourself. A university representative is continuously on the move, and there is a risk of fatigue setting in. For the IC3 Regional Forums, plan your calendar. Look at the IC3 Regional Forum schedule and chose the schools you want to visit. These can be existing markets, or a plan to explore new markets, make the decision keeping in mind your university’s goal.

Plan other visits around them

  • The IC3 Regional Forums are an excellent platform for you to connect with the counselors of a region, spend more time, and build connections at the grassroots. Usually starting in January, going on until May, combine IC3 Regional Forums with other marketing or recruitment visits. This way, you cover a larger territory in a shorter stay and don’t have to plan a separate visit.

Visit other schools

  • One school hosts each IC3 Regional Forum, but that doesn’t mean you cannot visit other schools. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the counselors of other schools, send out an email, and visit them before or after the day of the forum.

Host a Session

  • There is nothing better than being a panelist for a session or hosting one individually at the forum. It is a stage that allows you to inform, educate, and train counselors and colleagues. You may hold an informative session on studying in your country, to in-depth training on the application process and scholarships. Also, it helps you learn about other universities and expand your knowledge.


  • The last and most critical step is to relax. By being a part of an IC3 Regional Forum, you become a member of the IC3 family automatically. This family has members globally, and every person present at the IC3 Regional Forums is there to learn, unlearn, and learn again.

So make the most of the IC3 Regional Forums and help spread quality education across the world.

-Vatsal Chandra Regional Officer, University of Essex, England

Tips for High School Representatives at the IC3 Regional Forums


  • Network with university representatives from around the globe, establish connections with university representatives and look for opportunities to utilize them as a resource for your school. Try to conduct a session for students, parents, or facilitators with a university representative or faculty member from the respective university.  


  • Connect with seasoned high school counselors from in and around the community. This assists in building collaborative activities between schools or groups of schools by organizing joint sessions, workshops, or fairs, which then benefit the broader community. In the long run, this helps in building an active network of counselors who can prosper from each other's learning and sharing. This also provides opportunities for new counselors to uncover tools and materials to use at their school. 

Attend Sessions 

  • Attend sessions by distinguished speakers. It takes a lot of planning and effort to bring esteemed leaders from universities and high schools. Please take full advantage and be sure to attend their sessions, which will help you in understanding the changing landscape of tertiary education around the globe. These sessions also guide you in discovering trends, innovations, technologies, and effective practices available in this profession.  

Attending an IC3 Regional Forum provides individuals with a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and globalize education. We hope to see you at one soon!

-Hemaalathaa Yuvaraj, Assistant College Advisor, Pathways School Gurgaon 

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